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Fighting with Faith

If you have ever crossed paths with Coach Jimmy Fields, you have been blessed, whether it be through Bible classes at TCS, the HS Football team, Church, or just maybe passing in the community. The summer before our family's first year attending Trinity, three of our boys were able to attend Trinity's Football Camp, hosted by Coach Fields. What an amazing opportunity it was! Not only did our boys learn the fundamentals of football, Coach Fields also took the opportunity to introduce and encourage the fundamentals of our Christian Faith. I remember it, just like it was yesterday! He used football equipment as an analogy to help the boys understand the Armor of God. I remember him saying to all the little boys sitting around, "You would not want to go out on that football field without your helmet, pads, or cleats when opposing the other team that you can see, so why would you want to go out in this world without the Armor of God, knowing we are fighting against an unseen enemy?" All those little faces, staring back at him, were intently listening. Not only did he give our boys a heart for the game of football that day, he also gave them a heart for JESUS!

Many of you have heard of the new battle with ALS Coach Fields is facing. As I mentioned, Coach Fields is a vital part of the Trinity Community. This school year Coach Fields will be entering his 6th year as the Varsity Head Football Coach and High School Bible Instructor. He has also served as Trinity’s Head Wrestling Coach for four of those five years.

These platforms have allowed Coach Fields to be an instrument in the spiritual development of our athletes and students here at TCS. Although Coach Fields could have coached at any level, he intentionally chooses to shape the life of the young athlete in the impressionable years of high school. He has always seen his 30+ years of coaching as a ministry, rather than a job. The Lord has been so faithful in using Coach Fields to further the Kingdom-for His glory! As far as the 2020 Crusader football season goes, he has said, “There will be no trying-there will be doing.” GO CRUSADERS!!!

During his tenure at TCS, the Trinity family has rejoiced in the marriages of his two children, Jay and Mallory, and the success of his wife, Shannen. She was the lead female actor in the Christian movie, “Facing the Giants” and is still working in the Christian film industry. Coach Fields remains strong in Christ and is committed to fight this battle with faith! It is now our privilege as brothers and sisters in Christ to reach out to Coach Fields and his family and minister to them in the midst of their trials.

We join Coach Fields and Shannen in their expression of faith in God’s sovereignty as they face uncertainties. Our prayers on their behalf are vital. For those who would like to offer financial support, one way is to donate by cash or check made payable to TCS with the “Fields Family” noted in the memo. Another option is through purchasing Holy Smokes BBQ Tickets, of which the TCS Faculty and Staff are selling. They are $25 each. The ticket is for 1lb of BBQ, sauce, buns, and a choice of two sides, also known as the "Working Moms Special". You may purchase the ticket now, through your child's homeroom teacher, and you may redeem it anytime before October 31st.

For those who wish to contribute, we ask that donations be made and tickets be purchased by September 1st so that we can pass the gift along to the Fields family as soon as possible.

Coach Fields, the TCS family joins you in your fight. We are standing with you and praying over you. May the Lord give you strength to endure and persevere! We love you!

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